Matthew Smith: WITHIN

Released October 16, 2020.

Matthew Smith - alto saxophone, piano & vocals.

All compositions written, performed & recorded by Matthew Smith.

Mixed & Mastered by Pete Q Harris at Studio C49B.

Produced by Matthew Smith, Martin Jones & Pete Q Harris.

Eclectic4 Acoustic: Live

Released January 10, 2019

Matthew Smith - saxophones

Mike Casey - guitar

Colin Sutton - bass

Gary Hammond - percussion

Playing Matthew's original compositions, this album is a compilation of live recordings.

Eclectic4: Stand Up! (Live)

Released October 30, 2010

Matthew Smith - saxophones
Chris Moore - keyboards
Andy Swift - bass
Liam Waugh - drums

All compositions by Matthew Smith
Tracks 1, 5, 9 arranged by Eclectic4
Recorded live by ITSL Sound & Light, 04/08/10
Mixed & Produced by ITSL and Matthew Smith
Mastered at Fairview Studios by Andy Newlove

There Is Strength Inside...

Released January 10, 2006

All tracks conceived, written, arranged, engineered & produced by Matthew Smith at Lifesound Studios (additional writing credits stated with individual track information)

The Leano appears courtesy of Colarj Records

All sampling used with kind permission of the recorded artists

Tracks 1, 2, 6, 10, 11 mixed by Thirdface

Mastered at Fairview Studios, Hull